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Hairdressing Handmade Metal Trophy

Product code: 779 PELUQ
Collection: Continental Collection
€320.73 (including vat)
Available in 2 sizes (180mm x 140mm and 290mm x 220mm)

Mounted on a large solid marble black base, this exceptional hairdressing award features a salon chair positioned in front of a mirror with a figure posed alongside. The detailed Hairdressing Handmade Metal Trophy is crafted from premium bronze coloured metals and burnished to create a soft sheen.

This trophy is part of an exclusive collection of awards that are handmade in Barcelona, Spain. Each trophy is hand crafted from high quality metals, including brass, copper, nickel, pewter and steel and are set upon either wooden or marble bases. As this trophy is made to order, please allow 10 working days for import and delivery.

The trophy can be supplied with a FREE separate personalised self adhesive engraved plate displaying your text details and ready to be applied.

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